Your Enterprise and IBM i with Eradani


It just works.


Using APIs to Empower Your RPG

Take advantage of API capabilities with just a couple lines of code.

Web, Mobile,True Cloud, or Open DevOps:
It Just Works.

Surprise and delight your staff, customers and partners with the latest in Analytics, IoT, Customer Dashboards, and Mobile and Web User Experiences—all from your IBM i

Take advantage of the power, flexibility and cost effectiveness of True Cloud for IBM i.

Integrate IBM i development and application delivery into the latest in Open Source DevOps using tools like Git, Jenkins, and Ansible.

With Eradani and your IBM i, it just works.

Why You Need Eradani Now

It's Cutting-Edge

Quickly create graphical self-service dashboards for your customers and partners

Take advantage of IBM Watson for new business insights

Connect IoT devices to IBM i applications

Provide anywhere, anytime mobile access for your staff

It’s Powerful

Multiply the value you get from your existing investment in core applications

Rapidly transform your application user experiences

Scale your hardware and software on demand with just a few mouse clicks

Manage all of your enterprise development with the same set of tool

It's Open

Extend your applications using Open Source Languages like JavaScript, Python, and PHP

Host your IBM i on Microsoft Azure, IBM Cloud, and Google Cloud

Use Git, Jenkins, Jira, Ansible, and other popular tools to manage your IBM i development

It Just Works.

Eradani Solutions For . . .

New User Experiences & Custom Dashboards

Give your customers and partners a visual 360 degree view of all the business they do with you using the latest in Open Source, Web and Mobile technologies.

Differentiate your company from competitors and drive additional business by providing an outstanding user experience for your customers.

Application Integration

Integrate your IBM i applications with web data like maps, shipment tracking, and weather right from your RPG code.

Leverage all of the resources available to you on the web and from your customers and partners to improve productivity and seize emerging opportunities.



Integrate your IBM i development into your enterprise DevOps strategy. Take advantage of the power and cost savings of Open Source tools like Git & Jenkins. Track your development issues in a common set of tools.

Automate DevOps with consistent, synchronized processes across the entire enterprise. Simplify recruiting and onboarding by using popular, widely known Open Source tools for your IBM i application development.


Take advantage of the flexibility of Cloud to reduce infrastructure costs, instantly clone new testing and development partitions and scale up and scale down resources on demand.

Eradani experts can help you move backup, testing and production workloads to the Cloud quickly and easily.