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Daniel Magid

Daniel Magid

Chief Executive Officer

IBM Champion

Dan has spent over thirty years leading companies that help customers implement new technologies in legacy environments. Previously, Dan led worldwide software development groups that built highly successful modernization and DevOps tools and was the CEO of Aldon, the leading provider of DevOps tools to the IBM i marketplace.

Callie Ventura

Chief Revenue Officer

Callie comes to Eradani from Rocket Software where she was the top performer in providing modernization tools to customers with large investments in legacy application systems. Callie has had a long track record of ensuring the success of her customers across many industries as they transition to the latest technology.

David Romo

Chief Technical Officer

IBM Champion

Dave comes to Eradani from Rocket Software where he was the Chief Architect of the DevOps and Cloud product lines. He delivered the first commercial Node.js and Angular applications on the IBM i. More than a decade ago, Dave also became the first to use Git running natively on IBM i to manage a large commercial IBM i product.

Mitch Hoffman

Vice President

World Wide Sales

Mitch took on the Sales leadership role at Eradani following many extraordinarily successful years as a software sales rep in the Modernization and DevOps marketplaces. Mitch brings with him a reputation for unmatched integrity and an unwavering commitment to the success of his customers.

Aaron Magid

Vice President

Open Source Technology

IBM Champion

Aaron Magid has been writing modern applications to leverage open-source technologies on the IBM i for more than 10 years. His applications are part of commercial products that are installed in thousands of IBM i shops. His work combines open-source languages such as PHP, Java, Node.js, and Python with traditional IBM i technologies to create leading-edge IBM i solutions.

About Us

Experience in where we’ve been and experts in where we are going

At Eradani, we understand the wisdom of the ancient saying that you cannot know where you are going if you do not understand where you have been. Bringing existing applications into the world of new technology starts with an understanding of the value provided by those systems. Most companies today are running on applications and infrastructure that have evolved over decades. Those systems reflect deep knowledge of the way the company does business and the unique value it provides. Eradani can help you take all that value and make it available in ways that support the new way companies are doing business. 


At Eradani, we have experts in new technology who have years of experience working with a wide variety of customers in every industry. They have helped those customers leverage their existing investments in current systems to provide the foundation for moving to the latest technologies.

Experienced IBM i Professionals.

Experts in New Technology.

  • Are you concerned about the shrinking availability of IBM i experts?

  • Are you looking to modernize your IBM i applications?

  • Do you want to take advantage of new technologies like mobile and cloud?

  • Do you want to simplify and automate your DevOps processes?

  • Do you want to use the latest DevOps tools like Git, Jira and Jenkins?

Eradani can help!

‚ÄčEradani is staffed with:

  • IBM i experts with decades of hands-on IBM i experience

  • The developers of the the first commercial Node.js/Angular application native to the IBM i

  • The first developers to install and use Git natively on IBM i

  • Experts with decades of experience in application lifecycle management for IBM i

  • The developers of the cloud connection product for IBM i