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Eradani Cloud Solutions

Connect your IBM i to the Cloud with Eradani Products and Services


Eliminate the cost and hassle of physical tape backups and the expense of VTLs

Document Archiving

Cost effectively store and easily retrieve all your required documents

Infrastructure Expansion

Easily add resources to your system by using flexible cloud infrastructure

Automated CI/CD

Deploy applications to and from the Cloud

Get Connected to the Cloud Today!

With Eradani Cloud Solutions, you can:

  • Save money and time by taking advantage of cheap Cloud storage for backups and document archiving. Whether you are currently using physical tapes or VTLs, inexpensive Cloud Backup can provide big savings.

  • Simplify backup and archive management. Simply access your backups and archives just as you would access directories on a PC. No more shipping tapes to offsite archives and then struggling to find the right ones when you need to restore. If you are already using BRMS, setup and implementation are as easy as identifying a new tape drive. Backups and restores can be done with just a few clicks.

  • Scale up and scale down quickly. Use cloud resources to expand or contract your IBM i resources on demand. Deploy applications quickly and easily to and from the Cloud.

With Eradani Cloud Solutions, get support for your IBM i Cloud initiatives from Eradani Experts

Eradani Experts at your Service

Eradani Development Experts developed the first Node.js and Angular applications for the IBM i


Eradani Open Source Experts built applications for IBM i using open source tools like Git for more than a decade.