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Eradani Connect for Modern DevOps

Connect IBM i Lifecycle Management to Jira, ServiceNow, and other tools for end-to-end DevOps

Total Visibility

See every activity related to a change request in one place

Audit Compliance

Manage and report on all activities from change request to production deploy

Integrated Teams

Collaborate and share tools with IBM i and distributed teams

Automated CI/CD

Automate builds, delivery, and installations across all platforms

Integrate Your DevOps Teams and Tools Starting NOW!

Eradani Connect is an extensible framework that allows you to easily connect disparate DevOps tools to your IBM i lifecycle management systems.

  • View the list of IBM i objects that are changing in association with a bug report or enhancement request directly inside your issue tracking system (e.g. Jira, ServiceNow, Service DeskPro, etc.)

  • Initiate lifecycle management operations (e.g. builds, promotions, deployments, etc.) directly from your issue tracking system either on demand or automatically as part of an automated workflow.

  • Use your issue tracking as the complete system of record by keeping a record of all IBM i activity in the issue history.

With Eradani Connect you have a single point of visibility and control across all of your platforms around everything that happens from the time a change request arises until you deploy the code changes into production.

With Eradani Connect, get support for your open source for IBM i from Eradani Experts

Eradani Experts at Your Service

Eradani Development Experts developed the first commercial Node.js and Angular applications for IBM i.


Eradani Open Source Experts built applications for IBM i using open source tools like Git for more than a decade