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OCTOBER 6, 2021: I have had several very exciting conversations with IBM i users recently about new technology as they have reached out to Eradani for help in advancing their IBM i applications using APIs. More and more I hear how IBM i pros…


SEPTEMBER 15, 2021: Eradani has always sought to simplify the application programming interface (API) enablement process as much as possible for its IBM i customers. And with the launch of Eradani Connect version 4.1…


SEPTEMBER 8, 2021: IBM i users are moving their applications to the leading edge quickly by connecting their RPG and COBOL code to the exploding number of publicly available APIs. In just the last few months here at Eradani…

Upcoming Eradani Events

November 16, 2021

Dan covers Javascript features with RPG and much more including IBM i Modernization with Open Source and APIs.

Join Dan Magid at his QUSER presentation at 12 pm PDT/2 pm CDT/3 pm EDT