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MAY 7, 2020: Eradani ( today introduced the newest addition to Eradani Connect, its easy to use framework for connecting IBM i resources with open source programs and services…


DECEMBER 2019: I wrote my first open-source application for IBM i 10 years ago—when I was 13 years old.  I grew up around IBM i.  Both of my parents started their careers at IBM and I worked summers at the family business—Aldon—developing software specifically for IBM i.


JULY 8, 2019: In this publication, legacy is not a dirty word or even remotely pejorative. Rather, “legacy” is just a shorthand way of delineating between applications that encapsulate decades of the evolution of a business and the transactions it processes…

Upcoming Eradani Events

September 23, 2020
Join us for an hour-long free webinar hosted by experts from Eradani.  Learn from real world case studies how to take advantage of API capabilities with just a couple lines of code.


Online Webinar

December 2-4, 2020

Spend two and a half days immersing yourself in the COMMON community,
choosing from over 120 sessions presented by industry experts, and
networking with vendor partners showcasing products and solutions in

Omni Fort Worth Hotel
Ft. Worth, TX