See How Eradani Helps Development Organizations

Our Resource Center houses videos and collateral on our Eradani Solutions. Learn how Eradani Connect, a bidirectional connector, makes it easy for Open Source developers to access IBM i resources (programs, commands, data, stored procedures, etc.) and for IBM i developers to access Open Source programs and Web Services. Erandani Connect frees the IBM i to work like other platforms, allowing Open Source developers to create code without specialized knowledge, while giving RPG developers access to Web Services and Open Source programs like they would call any other RPG program.

Eradani Connect unlocks Open Source on the IBM i without locking you in.

Marketing Literature

Learn more about our Eradani Connect by downloading any of our product datasheets. 


Eradani Connect

Eradani Connect combines Eradani Open Source to IBM i connection technologies with Eradani Expert Consulting Services to create cutting-edge user experiences.


Eradani True Cloud for IBM i

Get the cost-effectiveness and productivity benefits of Cloud Computing with Eradani True Cloud for IBM i.


Development Maturity Levels

From performing routine maintenance on legacy applications to highly innovative groups who drive organizational growth, find out where your development shop stands


Application Modernization Technology Maturity Model

Explore our Application Modernization Maturity Model from core application maintainers to adopters of new technologies and innovators driving business growth.


DevOps Technology Maturity Model

Is your development group performing ad-hoc software development or using automated DevOps to increase quality, productivity, and business flexibility?


Cloud Technology Maturity Model

Discover what common organizational characteristics development groups fall into under our Cloud Maturity Model from limited Cloud usage to Cloud for total flexibility.

3-Minute Videos

Did you know that you can learn a lot about Eradani Connect in just 3 minutes? View our short video tutorials and see how Eradani can easily connect Open Source technologies to the IBM i.


Simplify Node.js to IBM i with Eradani Connect

Access the IBM i using Open Systems Standards.

Recorded Webcasts

If you missed out on one of live webinars, no worries. You can catch up by watching our recorded webinars at your leisure. Kick off your shoes, grab some popcorn, and get ready for the show.


Don't Let the API Economy Leave Your RPG Behind

Learn how you can easily integrate your RPG apps with almost any technology using APIs.


Enterprise-Ready JavaScript with TypeScript

Learn how to write enterprise-level JavaScript code on the IBM i. This session will show you how to set up TypeScript and the basics of using it to program.


IBM i in the Cloud Now!

Learn how to eliminate paying for excess capacity for your IBM i. Leverage the latest Cloud technologies to eliminate tapes and VTLs and pay only for what you use.


Internet of Things and IBM i Now

Learn about the promise and the challenges related to the Internet of Things and what you need to consider in adding Internet of Things applications.


JavaScript for IBM i RPG Programmers

An introduction to JavaScript for RPG programmers. Learn how to connect your JavaScript code to your RPG application.


Getting Started with Open Source on IBM i

Featuring Guest Speaker Jesse Gorzinski of IBM.


Choosing the Right Open Source Language for IBM i

JavaScript, Python, Java, and more.